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BOAE is the Singapore local brand that we have proudly developed to offer you luxurious, yet affordable bathroom fixtures and accessories. BOAE provides a wide range of products made from high-quality materials with the most refined craftsmanship.

The brand primarily specialises in contemporary, modern style bathroom fixtures by synergising the elements of minimalism and elegance in every design. BOAE also accepts customisations for its vast range of products, from colours to designs—enabling customers to have their unique fixtures catered specially to their interior taste and style.


Our mirror products boast a combined touch of luxury and futurism—brightening up the interior of your room with the air of vitality. BOAE mirrors are made from a sturdy stainless steel frame and high-quality limestone—manufactured, assembled and perfected by our team of experts. Our mirrors come in various shapes, colours, designs, and sizes, which can serve as either a centrepiece or a complimentary piece that enhances the beauty of your living space. For more details on the designs and descriptions, browse through our mirror collection below!


Our basin collection blends the elements of finesse and simplicity into one. BOAE basins—made from high-grade porcelain, marble, or limestone—are designed to bring you high functionality on top of visual elegance. We offer a vast array of basin designs in freestanding, wall-mounted, or countertop version. In addition to that, BOAE also makes custom-designed basin cabinets in various colours from high-quality wood and marble. Check out our basin products by clicking the button below for more details!


What better way to unwind after your hectic schedule than to soak in our plush bathtubs? We are taking your unwinding ritual to the next level with our BOAE bathtubs. Our selection of bathtubs is made from premium quality porcelain and designed specifically to envelop you with everlasting comfort as you enjoy a luxurious bath experience daily. We offer various bathtub designs, ranging from vintage models to contemporary ones. Click the link below to see more of our product range!